Safeguarding Children Policy

My responsibility as a child-minder is to ensure the safety and welfare of all the children in my care in line with the procedures laid out by my local Safeguarding Children’s Board.

(The Safeguarding Children Board is responsible for producing Safeguarding Children Procedures based on national guidelines set out in Working Together to Safeguard Children (Dept of Education & Skills). It monitors the effectiveness of the Procedures systematically and amends them as it becomes necessary.)

I have received training on Safeguarding Children(Child Protection) and am aware of the signs and symptoms of child abuse, physical, emotional and sexual, and those of neglect.

If I have reason to believe that any child in my care is being abused in any way I will report the matter to the Duty Social Worker for Wandsworth Social Services, Child protection Team. Under these circumstances I will not be able to keep information relating to your child confidential, but will need to share it with Ofsted, Social Services and the Police if requested.

A copy of Safeguarding Children Policy and guidance for Wandsworth Early years booklet is available for you to read if required.This sets out the guidelines for how I must record any incidents and disclosures and procedures I must follow.

As a child-minder working together with my friend, also register a child-minder, we are more vulnerable to allegations of abuse being made against my family or us.I will take precautions to protect ourselfs from this happening by:

  • Ensuring all household members over 16 are dbs cleared
  • Ensuring visitors to the house sign the visitors book and not have unsupervised access to the children under any circumstances
  • Ensuring, where possible, that no workmen are in the house during minded hours, unless it is to repair an emergency service or for a Health and Safety Reasons.
  • Document every accident and incident that occurs whilst in our care, informing parents and requesting them to sign our records.
  • Noting any marks on the children when they arrive and asking parents care.
  • Ensuring the children are supervised at all times.
  • Keeping accurate records on each child and writing a daily diary.

However sometimes allegations are made and this unfortunate situation cannot be avoided. I will then follow the procedure detailed below, in order to gain support and professional advice:


Ofsted 0300 123 1231

Child minding team, Liz, 020 8871 6223

I will write a detailed record of all the incidents, including what was said and by whom,with times and dates.

I will ask any witnesses(if there were any) to also write a statement detailing the incident they witnessed and giving their contact details in case it needs to be followed up by the authorities.