Childminder/Child Behaviour Management Agreement


  • To model appropriate behaviour ourselves at all times and to set a good example to the younger children present
  • Remembering my manners and saying please and thank you
  • To listen to my childminder
  • To do as I am requested, and not to plead for more time to play etc
  • To never use bad language
  • To respect others property
  • Suggested sanctions/withdrawals of treats


  • To recognise and respond positively to children appropriate behaviour and give praise and reward for it
  • To give five minute warnings that games need to be finished etc
  • To listen to the child’s opinions and include them in any planning
  • To anticipate potential unacceptable behaviour and redirect towards appropriate behaviour
  • To explain to children why particular behaviours are not acceptable, and the consequences of such behaviour should occur
  • To provide indirect opportunities, such as through drama and storytelling, to discuss conflict, cause and effect of actions, personal and social problems etc.
  • Always take into account the age and stage of the child development when dealing with inappropriate behaviour
  • To take children aside from the situation to be told how and why such behaviour is unacceptable
  • Each child involved will be given the opportunity to talk about what happened
  • The child(ren) will be encourage to decide what other behaviour will be more appropriate and acceptable

In the event of persistent unacceptable behaviour, we shall seek agreement with the parents/carers on the best way to help the child move towards more acceptable behaviour.